Do You Know the Most Demanded Lockdown Restorations?

Historically, the most demanded restorations revolved around accidents out and about, placing them on restaurant floors or bathroom sinks, an accident in a hair beauty salon, food spillages from clumsy waiters and tipping over cocktails when you’ve had one too many drinks…

However, since lockdown and the imminent closure of most establishments, restoration requests have changed and you would be surprised at how many Chanel’s have been bitten by dogs, how many Gucci’s have suffered a dreaded wine stain and how many Prada’s have been the victim of an ink or sanitiser smear!

Long gone are the days of mourning the loss of your beloved handbag. We can cater for every mishap and accident, restoring even the worst fatalities back to their former splendour!

For the love of your handbag, please stop reaching for everyday ‘hacks’, that will in fact have a detrimental effect on your bag. 

  • Nail Varnish remover, pass.
  • Baby wipes, pass. 
  • Washing up liquid, pass. 
  • Vinegar, pass (leave that for your chips). 
  • Washing machine, MAJOR pass! 

Luxury handbags are crafted from the finest calf/lamb skins, delicate canvas’s and prestige Epsom leather. They can’t withstand the abrasive chemicals which draw out the pigmented colour from the leather, leaving discolouration and water stains. 

Naughty Puppies:

Obviously, accidents do happen. The Kennel Club stated that 1 in 4 people panic purchased a pandemic puppy in 2020, which correlates with the rise of puppy chewed handbags becoming one of the most demanded lockdown restorations! 

Whilst the vast majority of pandemic puppy owners work from home, they remain time time-poor as their commitments are still high. Thus, we have found pandemic puppies to be a mischievous bunch that take advantage of the free reign and stumble across what they think to be toys, but are in fact beloved Chanel’s, Mulberry’s and Givenchy handbags. 

We feel your pain of seeing your leather luxury chewed. Do not panic though, we can remove the appearance of teeth marks and conceal holes to look like nothing ever happened! 

It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere, right?

Lockdown life has resulted in the rise of alcohol consumption across households nationwide, which means wine related accidents have become one of the most demanded lockdown restorations. 

The WORST thing you could do (after using the forbidden items listed above) is to rub the stain into the handbag. This will further engrain the liquid into the leather/fabric and make the removal near impossible. Instead, blot the area with a dry cloth to absorb as much of the liquid as possible and repeat until no more can be lifted. 

Our technicians have worked hard over the years, perfecting products that you can utilise at home. We have diversified the treatments to cater specifically for either fabric or leather luxuries, to ensure the best results. 

As you can see from the video below, our cleansing spray and craftsmanship combined, lifted the entirety of the red wine stain, whilst further reinforcing its preservation by applying a protection treatment. 

Watch how to Remove a Win Stain.

Crafty Kids:

Imagine finding your beloved Chanel GST covered in a sharpie drawing of a princess. Yes, you heard right, a sharpie drawing! 

Whether ink stains are intentional (kids have to draw somewhere, right?) or accidental (pens leak all the time), you can relax as our expert team of artisan’s can assist you with this increasingly demanded lockdown restoration.

Once again, it’s important to note that when attempting to clean this yourself, do not rub or apply water to the ink as this will cause it to spread further over the leather surface and cause discolouration of the original colour.

Furthermore, avoid the abrasive chemicals listed above at all costs! Whilst an ink stain is initially horrifying, hacks involving acetone or vinegar are some of the most damaging misconceptions when it comes to lifting stains as they will inevitably draw the pigmented colour out of the leather. 

It’s important to note, if you have a leather luxury of your own (that you may have spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on) it is essential that you adhere to a protection program from day 1; in order to maintain the longevity of your investment!  You can purchase our multi-use kits here and totally transform your handbag, like we did below!

Creases are NOT a Girl’s Best Friend:

We can’t reiterate this point enough. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve had a marked increase of casualties arriving in the clinic that require structural reinforcements, as a result of being poorly stored. 

Lockdown life has highlighted many elements of people’s day to day lives, that previously went unnoticed. You won’t be alone in realising that you’ve left your handbag in the back of your wardrobe, unintentionally allowing it to get misshaped as a result of piling other things on to it and not storing it appropriately. 

Our structuring service will totally transform the appearance of your handbag, providing rigidity whilst preventing crease marks that can diminish the resale value of your item. 

Hand Sanitiser Stains… the Bain of Lockdown Lives!

Who would have thought must-haves for 2021 would go from Chanel’s to hand-sanitisers?

Imagine spilling sanitiser on a Hermés Birkin… Grab your tissues ladies, as this happened to a lovely customer of ours and to say she was heartbroken would be an understatement. 

We understand the need to apply sanitiser regularly, but due to them comprising of majority alcohol, the moment it comes into contact with any material, it will almost immediately dispel the dyes and pigments from the leather! 

As previously explained, canvas and supple leather handbags are crafted from lightly treated leathers, giving them the luxurious butter-soft feel that makes them so enticing. However, these qualities mean that these materials are super absorbent and will retain all of the liquid that lands on them.

If your leather luxuries (especially exotics) fall victim to a sanitiser stain, we urge you to contact us asap, as our professionals will utilise quality products/techniques to tease the stain out of the pores and minimise the lasting damage.

So, now you know the most in-demand restorations during this lockdown, you can take a deep breath if you have your own handbag casualty as we’re here to assist you in preventing it from becoming a fatality. 

It’s never too late to mend a puppy chew or a washing machine mishap, dig out that bag that you believe to be ruined and let us assist you in returning your handbag to its former splendour; our transformations really are unique in their results!

Visit our online clinic and complete a form today; our team of experts will be in touch to discuss how we can best assist you. 

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