Do You Know Chanel’s 5 Secrets?

Handbag Clinic December 02, 2020

Since Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel Headquarters in 1983, he bridged the creative gap between Coco Chanel and the contemporary audience. 

As a result of consistently strong designs and influential audiences, Chanel remains one of the most recognisable fashion designers of both the 20th and 21st century. 

So, do you know Chanel’s 5 secrets? We’ve delved into the depths of Chanel and discovered the 5 secrets that you will not want to miss… 

  1. The House of Chanel is the oldest haute couture designer that remains active. Demonstrating that whilst conspicuous consumption no longer defines the fashion sphere, Chanel’s designs have stood the test of time and transitioned seamlessly between the years. 
  2. Coco Chanel’s name is a lie. (ok, that was slightly dramatic) however, there’s truth behind this statement as Coco’s actual name is Gabrielle. Coco is actually the name Gabrielle utilised during her short-lived singing career… enabling her to build playful but sophisticated persona that she could carry through the remainder of her creative career. 
  3. Unlike pretty much every other designer, Chanel has and continues to refuse to dress royalty for free. Coco strongly believed that titles shouldn’t bring preference with her designs and wouldn’t succumb to societal pressures and offer her designs for free. 
  4. If you regularly shop at Chanel, they will create a wooden mannequin to replicate your exact measurements. Thus, transforming your shopping experience so you can indulge yourself in the experience and admire outfits, without having to try them on.   
  5. To our surprise, Coco Chanel started her journey for women’s fashion by producing hats, rather than handbags. This transition was as a result of choosing to only design things that she herself wanted to wear. Coco outgrew the misogyny of the 20th century and endorsed accessories and later clothes that teased her practical but eccentric flair. 

The exclusivity of Chanel rises with every passing decade and their designs are interchangeable for an endless array of occasions. Vintage Chanel pieces are not only transitional but interchangeable. Their classic silhouettes have stood the test of time and will be a staple of your wardrobe for years to come. So now you know Chanel’s 5 secrets and you’re questioning whether to invest in Chanel, then our answer is yes. 

We host a vast array of Vintage Chanel’s and Contemporary twists on Classics. Our current favourites are: 

As aforementioned, Chanel is the only active haute couture to have survived the 20th Century, which makes her vintage designs incredibly sought after. Furthermore, the continued refusal to dress royalty or celebrities for free pushes not only the unique nature of Chanel but also the desirability of their products. 

At Handbag Clinic we restore countless Chanel’s to their former splendour through leather protection work, bespoke colour changes and recrafting the structure of the core bag and handles. We utilise the services of our Artisan, Daniel, who previously worked at Chanel’s London and Paris office; he learnt invaluable lessons that he has transitioned to our clinic in the North East and we look forward to assisting you on your Chanel journey. 

We are the U.K's longest standing luxe restoration company and host one of the largest collections of pre-loved Vintage Chanel's. We pride ourselves on providing thoroughly authenticated items that will not only enhance your capsule wardrobe; but also, elevate your contribution to the circular economy 👜

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