Did You Get The Memo That High Fashion Is Turning Seasonless?

Handbag Clinic October 28, 2020

2020. New Year, New Values:

2020 has triggered a subversive end to the realms of high-fashion, that we have long since been accustomed to. 

Seasonless styles are replacing catwalk trends, to nullify material motivation and reduce the way in which our visually saturated society glorifies trends and conspicuous consumption. 

Earlier in the year, Gucci refreshingly labelled themselves as ‘Seasonless’ going forward. Publicly denouncing their annual 5 shows, in favour of 2, to tackle the obsolete nature of the international fashion calendar; as ‘clothes should have a longer life than the seasonal words attributed to them’

Seasonal labels, such as spring/summer & autumn/winter only enable the carousel of international fashion, as they force an 'in/out' demand that is unhealthy on our mentalities, wallets and the world in which we live. 

Circular Economy:

At Handbag Clinic, we recognise the apparent difference in seasons as in the United Kingdom there is a stark difference (most of the time) between Summer and Winter. However, it’s instead recognising the interchangeability of your wardrobe and how you can transition your garments throughout the year; to push back against the grain of our traditional linear economy that promotes the disposability of products. 

On the contrary, a circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. Thus, establishing a platform that allows us to re-define pre-loved products and reduce an obnoxiously large culmination of waste, accumulated from the disparate levels of production vs consumption. 

Gucci (as a fashion head) has the ability to shift the balance of power in-regards to ‘Seasonless’ conversations. We hope they continue to manipulate the status-quo as their reformed ethos resonates with our own long-held mantra of restoring & reselling. Thus, as an environmentally conscious team, we excitedly recognise the path that awaits us professionally but also personally. 

Rejecting Fashion Weeks:

Now this is where it gets even more exciting; grab your prosecco or commute coffees if you haven’t already... 

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) are also committed to a seasonless future within high-fashion, as they too declined to participate in Paris Fashion Week last month. Choosing instead, to set their own schedule going forward in order to ‘lead their own rhythm’.

Handbag Clinic recognise that we can’t cut commutes or the overuse of plastic, but we can curate a pre-loved community that allows you to restore your beloved classic Quilted Chanel or sell that vintage Mulberry that has been neglected in the back of your wardrobe. We look forward to maintaining our status as the go-to destination for those who appreciate authentic green ambitions. 

Interestingly, this transparency among a growing number of powerhouses, caught the eye of prominent British designer, Stella McCartney. Since 2001, Stella has annually curated leather & fur free designs but more recently partnered with The RealReal to give her luxury goods a new lease of life via consignment. 

We image many of you are avid Vogue subscribers (like we and all fashion lovers should be) and therefore shouldn’t be surprised at their endearing compliment of this new working relationship. Labelling it ‘the biggest compliment for a designer’s products to have an afterlife- to us, that’s a luxury’

This public reinforcement of the extendable life cycle of luxury goods continues the momentum of the circular economy of bags; which positively reinforces our core ethos of developing a sustainable community of handbag appreciators. 

So, did you get the memo that high fashion is turning seasonless? If not, you have now and that excites us at Handbag Clinic, as we want to continue encouraging interchangeability and subsequently sustainability. 

This transition to seasonless fashion is one that we hope many other power-houses adhere to follow. Now is the perfect time for you to top up your prosecco or take your refillable cup to the next coffee shop and browse our latest pre-loved section on our ever-growing website… 


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