Celebrating the LGBT+ Community within Fashion

Leigh-Anne Basaraba June 25, 2021

June celebrates the LGBT+ community and their history in achieving representation and awareness. 

As an inclusive company, Handbag Clinic has chosen to recognise the progressive field of fashion and explore the iconic designers that represent the LGBT+ community.

Pride (the annual celebration of self-affirmation, equality and dignity) has evolved from a political demonstration in the 1960s, to a global, electric and colourful extravaganza of inclusivity! 

Fashion is renowned for its celebration of uniqueness, which amplifies our desires to represent this community as season after season we fall more in love with the handbag creations curated by designers that are fluid with their sexuality. 

LGBT+ Representations within High Fashion:

Some of our favourite brands have paved the way for inclusivity. In 2013, the Chanel Haute Couture show displayed fashion models (Ashleigh Good and Kati Nescher) walking hand in hand down the catwalk. This demonstrated the luxury brands voice within the political conversation that was then surrounding equal marriage rights in France. 

American intellect on modern culture, Susan Sontag, described the ‘hallmark of camp, being the spirit of extravagance’. This is vividly apparent within some of Chanel’s classic designs:

Further representations came in the use of the iconic rainbow flag, which adorned the Louis Vuitton June 2018 catwalk and the SS18 Burberry extravaganza that featured every model embellished in the iconic pride flag colours; thus, representing healing, sunlight, nature, spirit and ultimately ‘demonstrating the strength and creativity that lies in diversity.

Both the Burberry Banner and Vuitton Cluny above, demonstrate the extravagance that Susan Sontag ties to the ethos of ‘camp’. Their electric colour palettes and exaggeratedly small dimensions tease a playful investment that will steal the show for every outfit you wear them with. 

Furthermore, there is the prominent Balenciaga A/W2019 campaign: Realistic Portrayals of Modern Love. This particular campaign represents the young LGBT+ community and strips away the rigidity of traditional romance; to demonstrate the simplicity that is often overlooked in highly elaborate and glamorised love stories. 

This theme was apparent throughout that seasons collection, they introduced the coveted Hourglass Top Handle bag which is simple in its aesthetic but unique in its curved base and structure. 

Drag Queens Demonstrating the Maximalism of High Fashion:

Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Need we say more? 

This indulgent show has had us hooked since the beginning in 2009 (wow, time really does fly)! 

However, it’s curated a pathway for the leading ladies to transgress their way into their realms of high fashion. Prominent cast members such as Violet Chachki, Miss Fame, Naomi Smalls and Aquaria have secured Trans representation within fashion. 

Collaborating with prominent fashion houses: Prada, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Pat McGarth … and featuring in the bible of fashion, Vogue. These avenues of representation are highlighting the LGBT+ community to the world, as fashion is unique as an art form as it encompasses everybody, rather than a minority 

Every day we choose what we want to wear to represent ourselves in work, at bars or even on walks… it’s a field in which anyone and everyone can get involved and that truly is representative of what Pride and the LGBT+ community embody. 

With international fashion weeks pending, we wait (impatiently) for the leading designers to release their new collections! We hope they’re as daring, eye-catching and as utterly irresistible as they always are… 

In the meantime, please explore the magic undertaken by our Artisan, Vicky, when she undertook a bespoke restoration to transform this iconic Lady Dior into a refreshed, contemporary and utterly unique handbag! 

This particular restoration encompasses the vivid nature of the LGBT+ heritage of Christian Dior and we look forward to welcoming more of you into our clinic to assist you with all of your handbag needs… 


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