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Celine Handbag Colour Change

Celine Tri Colour

Our customer sent us her plain beige Celine Mini Luggage bag along with a photo of a tri colour bag. We were tasked with changing the beige bag to match. This involved changing the sides to white, the front to blue and the handles and sides of the front to black. It looks like a brand new bag now! 

Chanel Handbag Colour Change

Two bags changed to black

This customer sent us a Chloe and a Chanel bag and asked for them both to be changed colour to black.

Birkin Colour Change

Blue Birkin Changed to Orange

We were sent a Hermes bracelet in orange leather and asked to change the colour of the a blue Birkin to match the bracelet. 

Birkin Colour Change

Freshen up your Birkin!

Here we have given this dull and faded pale blue Hermes Birkin a new lease of life by changing it's colour to a much more vibrant blue.

Chanel Colour Change

Chanel Boy Bag Changed to black




Dior Handbag Colour Change

Dior Colour Change

Here we have changed the colour of this cream Dior Handbag to a maroon colour. 

Chanel Snake Skin Colour Change

Chanel Snake Skin Colour Change

In this example we have changed this dark beige snake skin bag to a nice shade of pink - even applying by hand the snake patterning to the scales!